The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and the Taguig City Government called on the public to break the dumping-cleaning cycle by changing their mindset in managing solid wastes as they led the massive cleanup operations of Hagonoy Creek/Retarding Pool in order to prevent flooding.

According to MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes, at least 50 trucks carrying 12 tons per truck, or equivalent to around 600 kilos of trash every year are being collected from the Hagonoy Creek/Retarding Pool located near the Hagonoy Pumping Station in Taguig City.

“Solid waste management is everyone’s responsibility, not the government alone.”

“Solid waste management is everyone’s responsibility, not the government alone. All of us must work together and ensure that waste is properly managed and disposed of to prevent flooding,” Artes stressed.

Instead of throwing their trash properly, he said some people opt to do it the easy way by dumping their garbage on waterways.

“It is high time that people break the dumping and cleaning cycle by changing their mindset about managing their waste,” Artes stressed.

He appealed to the public to help reduce flooding by avoiding indiscriminate throwing of waste along the streets and waterways.

“A key to effective solid waste management is segregating waste at the source and having effective garbage collection done at the local level,” Artes said.

He pointed out the agency’s massive cleanup drive requires heavy equipment and manpower.

“While we are boosting our efforts in cleanup operations to mitigate flooding, the public must do their part by observing cleanliness and proper waste disposal,” Artes noted.

Meanwhile, all 71 pumping stations managed by the agency are 100% operational and working at full capacity.

For her part, Taguig City Mayor Lani Cayetano thanked Artes for personally supervising the cleanup operations, in coordination with the city government.

“The MMDA’s cleanup is not only a seasonal event but a regular and continuous activity to prevent flooding, not just in Taguig but throughout Metro Manila,” Cayetano said.

The lady mayor called on her constituents to be responsible and do their share if they want a flood-free community. Garbage collected from Hagonoy Creek comes from nine barangays.

She also urged the residents to cooperate, lamenting that some people even throw big furniture and appliances.

“Some people’s irresponsible trash management, which results in flooding, impacts others in the community.”

“Some people’s irresponsible trash management, which results in flooding, impacts others in the community—students going to school, workers going to work, and business operations,” Cayetano said.

She added, littering the streets and waterways is a violation of their city ordinance and is being penalized.



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