Senator Bong Go emphasized the need to continue the government’s fight against illegal drugs as he cited the gains made by the administration of former president Rodrigo Duterte to tackle the problem. 

Go stressed that other societal ills, such as criminality and corruption, may also be addressed if the fight against illegal drugs is sustained.

“Kapag nako-contain mo ‘yung illegal drugs, kasama na diyan ‘yung criminality at ‘yung korapsyon. ‘Pag lumala ‘yung drugs, babalik ‘yung criminality, babalik ‘yung korapsyon kasi makokorap na po ‘yung tao,” the legislator said.

The lawmaker also cited Duterte’s firm commitment to fight illegal drugs during his presidency and even as mayor of Davao City.

“Former president Rodrigo Duterte was passionate in the fight against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption. Partikular na dito ang laban kontra ilegal na droga dahil nakakasira po ito ng pamilya. Naging masidhi po ang kampanya kaya naman bumaba na ang kriminalidad noong panahon ni (dating) Pangulong Duterte,” the senator stressed.

“Mahalaga na hindi masayang ang ating nasimulan at maipagpatuloy ang pagsugpo sa mga nasa likod ng ilegal na droga para masolusyunan din ang problema sa kriminalidad at katiwalian.”

“Mahalaga na hindi masayang ang ating nasimulan at maipagpatuloy ang pagsugpo sa mga nasa likod ng ilegal na droga para masolusyunan din ang problema sa kriminalidad at katiwalian,” he reiterated.

Go likewise cited that FPRRD’s drug war campaign has contributed to the decrease in the country’s crime rate. 

As reported by the Philippine National Police, the crime rate in the country drastically dipped by 73.76% from the start of the Duterte Administration in 2016 until 2021.

“Sa totoo lang po, sa nakita ko noong nakaraang administrasyon, kapag na-contain ang paglaganap ng ilegal na droga, kasamang bumababa ang krimen. Pero kapag lumala na naman po ang ilegal na droga, kapag dumami muli ang mga gumagamit nito, bumabalik ang kriminalidad,” Go said. 

He also earlier urged the leadership of the Philippine National Police and the Department of the Interior and Local Government to continue maintaining discipline among the nation’s police force in light of reports that some police officers involved in illegal drugs have reappeared.

However, Go said that despite the actions of a few dishonest police officers, there are more trustworthy officers who perform their duties with honesty and integrity.

“Disiplinahin po, mas alam po nila ang kanilang trabaho. Ako naman, naniniwala akong mas maraming pulis na matitino, maaayos magtrabaho,” he stressed.

“At hindi magiging successful ang kampanya ni (dating) Pangulong Duterte na labanan po ang iligal na droga at kriminalidad kung hindi po sa tulong ng ating mga pulis. Ako po ay naniniwala na kaya nilang linisin ang sarili nilang hanay,” Go maintained.

Meanwhile, Go reaffirmed his call for a more holistic approach to combat illegal drugs in the country and aid drug abuse victims in getting back on their feet through improved government rehabilitation programs.

As part of this initiative, he filed Senate Bill No. 428 which seeks to establish a Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in every province throughout the country. Through the proposed measure, the centers will provide care, treatment, and accommodation to drug dependents.

These drug rehabilitation centers will also offer after-care, follow-up and social reintegration services to assist their patients in adjusting to community life after their release.

“Apart from the fight for the nation’s safety and security against the menace of illegal drugs, attention must be directed towards the rehabilitation and recovery of its victims,” Go underscored.

“As we continue to intensify our campaign against corruption, criminality and illegal drugs, efforts to protect the welfare of the victims must be also equally prioritized.

Through the establishment of Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers, we can intensify our efforts in helping our fellow Filipinos take back their lives from the dark grip of dangerous drugs,” he added. 

“Ito ang laban na may tapang at malasakit.”

“Ito ang laban na may tapang at malasakit,” Go further emphasized. 

The Commission on Human Rights previously expressed its support to the senator’s initiative of establishing a drug rehabilitation center in every province. 

“We have since expressed support for a human rights-based approach to policies and initiatives that prioritize health, rehabilitation, and socioeconomic interventions for the treatment and recovery of persons who use drugs,” CHR said.

The CHR also mentioned that it is eager to work with Go to ensure that the latter’s proposed measure is in line with international human rights standards.

Go then reaffirmed the shared goal of President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. to eradicate illegal drugs while putting an emphasis on rehabilitation initiatives, highlighting how the spread of illegal drugs has posed a serious threat to the lives and safety of Filipinos as well as to the peace and order of the country.

“Nais ko rin pong lumawak pa ang ating pagtingin sa isyu at pagtuunan din ng pansin ang aspeto ng rehabilitasyon. I believe President Marcos also highlighted before the need to focus on rehabilitation,” Go said.

Marcos previously stated that he will continue the efforts of former president Duterte’s administration in terms of law enforcement, albeit in a “more focused way”.

In addition, he emphasized that the second component of a holistic approach is a treatment for drug addicts.

Meanwhile, as an advocate for long-term sports development in the country, Go is also urging Filipinos to engage in sports and avoid vices like dangerous drugs, saying, “Isa ring paraan ang sports upang mailayo ang kabataan mula sa ilegal na droga at kriminalidad. Ito ay magtuturo sa kanila ng disiplina upang maging matagumpay sa buhay — anumang larangan ang kanilang tatahakin.”

“Through sports, we can keep fit and healthy. So get into sports and stay away from illegal drugs,” he urged.

Earlier, Go filed Senate Bill No. 423, or the proposed Philippine National Games (PNG) Act of 2022, to provide a structure for a more comprehensive national sports program, linking grassroots sports promotion to national sports development. 



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