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Quezon City, the city of the stars. The second richest city in the country and the best place for a food crawl. One would never run out of things to do and go to in this city. From its rich history down to the dishes that land on your table, Quezon City offers a wide range of experiences that makes it a truly memorable place.

Quezon City is a residential city in the Metro, making it the most populous and one of the largest cities in the country with at least 2.7 million QCitizens. Fun fact though, if it weren’t for the late President and dictator Ferdinand Marcos, Quezon City would have stayed as the country’s capital by way of Presidential Decree No. 824 making Manila the capital.

One would argue that Quezon City is the go-to place for laidback explorations compared to other Metro cities with their towering skyscrapers and Central Business Districts. It is likely why many young professionals would opt to chill in various spots in the city versus the high-end ones in BGC or Makati.

Speakeasy, ragged, and laidback Cubao Expo

Photo from Real Living

Cubao Expo, commonly known as Cubao X, is the best spot for a fusion of art, food, and music for artists, hippies, and underground scene-enthusiasts. The place nurtured many young artists for years, and it’s also home for some of the unique finds, whether it be ukay-ukay, antiquities, or collectibles.

Makati used to have this version of hub where various kinds of art could cohabitate. The Makati Collective became the Southern version of the Northern laidback art scene. However, the place closed down after almost a decade of serving youngguns and art enthusiasts. Manila also has its budding version of this hole in the equally historic and iconic Binondo. The same laid-back feel of Cubao X but within the walls that witnessed a lot of historical events. But due to the pandemic, the place had to take a pause, as well.

Photo from Real Living

Cubao X is just one of those places that remain standing despite the intimidation of towering buildings and, recently, the pandemic. One of those places that proudly and bravely face adversities and demolition plots. A true gem in the north. A place that perfectly exemplifies Quezon City as a city that can offer so much, sometimes with a little bit of surprise, but also insouciant to the subduing changes of the seasons and modern landscapes.

Of academic excellence and nonchalant sidesteps

Photo from Urban Gadgets

Another reason that makes Quezon City special is its lair of world-class universities. Aside from breeding the country’s top-notch scientists, leaders, business people, and professionals from various industries, the location of these seats of knowledge are also ideal when one simply wants to be with nature. The University of the Philippines Diliman campus has been one of our favorites.

It is open for anyone who wishes to nurture their bodies through physical pursuits –  evidenced by joggers, bikers, and athletes harnessing their crafts on the grounds of Diliman. Its majorly green environment also offers a laidback experience for people who just want to tune out the noise of city life. But what’s drawing people to Diliman is its food. From Mang Larry’s isawan down to a selection of street gourmet food, whether fishball, Kikiam, or Pancit Canton with C2 apple tea, it’s truly a one-stop-shop for an ideal weekend stroll

Area 2 Food crawl photo from

There are a lot more places to see and visit in the lovely Quezon City. Some are hidden from the eyes of those who just look at the surface level. When one sees it, they will surely be in for a surprise that would go straight to the list of unforgettable things.

Eastwood City

Quezon City might be modest in terms of aesthetics, but it is definitely rich in diversity and inclusivity. It is a city where anyone could be who they want to be and feel free to express who they really are. That, in itself, is the reason why people from QC exude rootedness and authenticity. That is also why many people are drawn towards this city; because they know, it is home away from home.



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