NEA Launches Wold Bank-Supported Web Portal and Business Intelligence System – MASONGSONG


The National Electrification Administration (NEA) launched its new web portal and business intelligence system geared towards improving efficiency to better supervise the different electric cooperatives (ECs) across the country.

NEA Administrator Edgardo Masongsong said the system, dubbed as NEA Business Intelligence Technology or NEA BIT, was a result of the collaboration between the state agency and the ECs through discovery and design sessions which started in 2015.

“Principally, the technology aims to address the current situation and progress towards strategies to assist ECs in rural electrification,” Masongsong said during the official launch of NEA BIT at the NEA H.E.S. Auditorium in Quezon City.

“The system provides historical, current, and predictive views of the EC’s business operations. The information generated will assist NEA in gaining timely and holistic analysis on the EC’s current state and performance. Thus, opening opportunities for generation of strategic interventions,” he added.

Masongsong said the system marked another milestone for the NEA.

“I have no doubt that the NEA web portal will empower us in providing better interventions to the ECs in the realization of the rural electrification and sustainable development,” he said.

The NEA had conducted workshops on the use of the NEA BIT specifically on the Data Entry Templates (DET) for the Institutional and Project Monitoring Reports.

The ECs were taught on how to use and upload the DET. They were also briefed on the policy on data governance and the procedure in data validation.

The first phase of the implementation of the NEA BIT went live Monday, which covers the monthly institutional reports and project monitoring reports specifically on the Status of Energization, Sitio Electrification Program and the Barangay Line Enhancement Program.

With NEA BIT, Masongsong said, there will be faster turnaround time for EC data submission and NEA feedback; and the updates will be available in the web portal.

There will also be reduced human intervention in the reports with the elimination of manual encoding thus increases the reports’ reliability.

The project was made possible through the support of World Bank and IT firm, Indra, which has been working closely with the NEA on its implementation and development led by Project Manager Elizabeth Ao.

Masongsong likewise recognized the NEA Steering Committee namely Directors Ana Papa, Francisco Caymo and Rod Padua, together with Atty. Julius Lotilla as the agency’s Business Advocate, as well as the NEA Project Team headed by Project Manager Shirley Salvador.


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