House Appropriations Committee Chair Rep. Karlo “Ang Probinsyano” Nograles is not just the son of Davao but is now also a son of the Warays.

This after Leyte 3 Electric Cooperative (LEYECO 3) Board President Cornelio Brazil got the blessing of close to 10,000 LEYECO 3 member-consumer-owners, who gave Nograles a standing ovation after the latter’s speech at the electric cooperative’s (EC) Annual General Membership Assembly at the LEYECO 3 Gymnasium, LEYECO 3 Compound in Tunga, Leyte.

The applause was followed by Brazil announcing “from this day onwards, you shall be known as Karlo Nograles, adopted son of the Warays,” while tapping the unsheathed “Goodbye Jaro” sword on the left and right shoulders of the solon from Davao.

“From this day onwards, you shall be known as Karlo Nograles, adopted son of the Warays.”

The sword was later handed to Nograles by Brazil, who explained the significance of the ceremonial weapon.

“Dalawa ang sementeryo sa Jaro, Leyte, magkabilang dulo ng bayan. Kapag pumasok ka at ayaw sayo ng mga siga at matapang na Waray, hindi ka na makakalabas ng buhay. Kaya yun ang modern na tawag sa espada na yun. Yun kasi ang madalas na ginagamit ng mga Waray pag meron silang gustong patayin na kaaway,” said the Leyte native.

(There are two cemeteries in Jaro, Leyte, on the opposite sides of the town. It is said that if you enter the town and the brave Waray dislike you, you will not be able to get out of Jaro alive. This is how the sword got its name, because often this is what Warays use when they want to kill their enemies.)

”Ikaw amon gin aadopt na Waray-Waray, yana usa ka na ha amon, usa ka na nga Waray-Waray.”

(We are now adopting you as a true Waray-Waray. Now you are one of us. You are now a Waray-Waray.)

Nograles was the guest of honor of the event, and in his speech stressed that ECs should be recognized for their efforts in energizing the countryside and bringing much-needed development to the regions and providing economic opportunities for “probinsyanos.”

The legislator from Davao also lauded the leadership of LEYECO 3 for turning around the financial fortunes of the EC, transforming LEYECO 3 from an economically unviable EC into a multi-millionaire EC with a net worth of almost P350 million.

The pro-probinsyano congressman has been an outspoken supporter of ECs and the Duterte Administration’s campaign to complete the electrification of the country by 2022, and has consistently supported calls to properly finance this effort.



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