Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) Secretary Susan Ople ordered the Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLOs) in Japan and Taiwan to continue monitoring the conditions of OFWs and be ready to provide aid if needed.

Ople also directed the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) to be ready to extend assistance to OFWs in these two countries.

The OWWA is an attached agency of the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW).

“Some 13,904 OFWs under POLO-Osaka jurisdiction have been accounted for, are unharmed, and safe.”

In a report to Ople, POLO-Osaka said some 13,904 OFWs under its jurisdiction have been accounted for, are unharmed, and are safe.

The post also reports they were in contact with most of the employers and supervising agencies of the OFWs in the Kyushu area whom they instructed to continue monitoring the status of OFWs there.

Of the 13,904 OFWs covered by POLO-Osaka, 5,368 are in Fukuoka, 660 in Saga, 1,001 in Nagasaki, 2,520 in Kumamoto, 1,607 in Oita, 786 in Miyazaki, and 1,962 in Kagoshima.

Meanwhile, POLO-Tokyo said it has not received any requests for assistance as of Monday evening. The labor post, however, reminded OFWs, employers, and recruitment agencies to immediately report any typhoon-related incident involving OFWs. There are 22,000 OFWs under POLO-Tokyo’s jurisdiction.

Filipino workers needing assistance in Japan can contact the following helplines:

POLO- Tokyo Welfare Hotline (WelOf Nico Herrera) +81 70 3630 0167

POLO- Osaka LabAtt Elizabeth Estrada +81 70 2275 6083 WelOf Pilipina Dino +81 70 2447 4014 Welfare Hotline (Dahnia Domado) + 81 70 2447 4016 Verification Hotline (Marina Mori Alvez) + 81 70 2275 6082

“The three POLOs in Taiwan reported no injuries or casualties among OFWs following an earthquake.”

Meantime, the three POLOs in Taiwan reported no injuries or casualties among OFWs following an earthquake Sunday.

Ople instructed the labor officials to continue working with government authorities and remain connected with Filipino communities, representatives, and area coordinators.

Taiwan was struck by a massive 6.8 magnitude earthquake Sunday. The hardest hit by the tremor was Hualien County where there are 1,400 OFWs.

Other countries that suffered damage from the quake are Yilan, Nantou, and Taitung.

OFWs in need of assistance and information may contact the DMW through the following hotlines and social media sites:

TAIPEI: Mobile: +886 932 218 057 Facebook / Messenger: POLO Taipei

TAICHUNG: Mobile: +886 966 537 732 Facebook / Messenger: Meco Polo Taichung

KAOHSIUNG: Mobile: +886 988 976 596 Facebook / Messenger: Meco Polo Owwa Kaohsiung



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