Senator Bong Go hailed the decline in the unemployment rate in the country, emphasizing the importance of job opportunities in enhancing the quality of life for Filipinos, particularly those who are less fortunate.

In an interview after personally aiding poor residents in Talisay, Camarines Norte, Go, a member of the Senate Committee on Labor, remarked, “That’s welcome news. Ibig sabihin, bumaba po ang bilang ng mga kababayan natin na walang trabaho.”

“Importante rito ang laman ng tiyan ng ating mga kababayan, lalung-lalo na ang mga mahihirap.”

“Alam mo, napakaimportante po ng trabaho. Kasi, importante rito ang laman ng tiyan ng ating mga kababayan, lalung-lalo na ang mga mahihirap, ‘yung mga isang kahig, isang tuka. Dapat po ay suportahan natin sila,” the legislator added.

The seasoned lawmaker reiterated the importance of providing job opportunities, as it directly affects the livelihood and daily sustenance of individuals, particularly those living in poverty.

The country’s unemployment rate experienced a positive shift in April this year, dropping to 4.5% compared to the 5.7% recorded in the same month the previous year, according to data based on the April 2023 Labor Force Survey conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority.

According to the survey, there were an estimated 2.26 million unemployed individuals in April 2023, which represents a decline of 506,200 individuals from the 2.76 million unemployed Filipinos the same month last year.

To further support the labor force, the senator revealed his active involvement in various legislative efforts aimed at improving the welfare of workers.

He disclosed his role as a co-author of Senate Bill No. 2002, otherwise known as the Across-the-Board Wage Increase Act of 2023. This bill seeks to implement a daily wage increase of P150 for private sector employees.

In addition, Go mentioned several other proposed measures he is pushing for, which focus on bolstering the livelihoods of Filipinos. 

SBN 420, also known as the Rural Employment Assistance Act, aims to support employment opportunities in rural areas.

Additionally, there is SBN 1594, the One Town, One Product Act, which seeks to promote localized economic development; and SBN 1183, the Media and Entertainment Workers Welfare Bill, designed to ensure the well-being of individuals working in these industries.

Furthermore, SBN 1184, the Delivery Riders Protection Act, aims to provide safeguards for delivery riders. SBN 1191, known as the Magna Carta of Seafarers, focuses on protecting the rights of seafaring professionals.

Other noteworthy bills include SBN 1705, the Service Incentive Leave Act; SBN 2107, the Freelance Workers Protection Act; and SBN 2115, the Vocational Programs for Drug Dependents Act, among others.

Go then emphasized his commitment to fighting for the rights and well-being of less fortunate Filipinos.

‘Yung mga mahihirap po, sila po ang dapat nating unahin, ‘yung mga isang kahig, isang tuka.”

“Unahin natin ang kapakanan ng mga ordinaryong mamamayan. ‘Yung mga mahihirap po, sila po ang dapat nating unahin, ‘yung mga isang kahig, isang tuka,” he said.

In his capacity as a senator, Go also vowed to advocate for policies and initiatives that would uplift the lives of the underprivileged. 

“Asahan n’yo, bilang inyong senador, ipaglalaban ko palagi ang kapakanan ng mahihirap nating kababayan,” he concluded.



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