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I handled Case No. 30 and Case No. 87. 

One is a labor case and the other is a case of discrimination by the local government where the person requesting assistance resides.

When the “clients” were endorsed to me, I coordinated with them and we talked via Facebook Messenger call.

Basic rule in legal counseling: ask for complete details from the clients and, based on the information and data provided, give advice based on law and jurisprudence. 

These two “cases” have now been resolved.

Nonoy Duka, Volunteer Lawyer

IActually, giving legal advice pro bono is not new to me as I have been handling pro bono cases since 2005. The only difference this time is that the legal services are limited to online and/or virtual counseling and without actual court appearance. But the idea that you have helped a needy soul without expecting anything in return is such a glorious personal achievement as a lawyer.

“The legal services are limited to online and/or virtual counseling.”

As Jesus said in Matthew 25:40, “whatever you have done to the least of my brethren, you have done unto me.”

Finally, lawyering is not primarily meant to be a money-making venture, and law advocacy is not really a capital that yields profits; it is public service. 

Note: The author, together with more than a hundred volunteer lawyers, provides free legal assistance and can be contacted through the Facebook Page of the Volunteer Lawyers Against Discrimination or any of its mobile numbers: 09992298705 forSmart subscribers; 09177052333 for Globe subscribers.


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