From Dalgona coffee, plantitos/as of Manila, up to the budol finds in Homebuddies; we Filipinos never run out of quaranthoughts and ways to beat the boredom, or in this case, the third season of Enhanced Community Quarantine. Only a few times, the word resilient could be loosely thrown out and not get stoned by keyboard warriors and pretty much anyone who takes the word so seriously. In a context not related to the pandemic, we can all agree, however, that Filipino resiliency is truly something that would amaze even the most unbelieving of things.

So, now that we are cooped up again, for the third time around, in the confines of our homes, it’s noteworthy to talk about the boundaries we need to create, our productivity, and the healthy habits we need to acquire because, well, they’re healthy. And in this time, when a virus is still looming in, it’s nearly a sin to get sick.

Necessary boundaries

Photo by Ken Tomita from Pexels

Boundaries are there for a reason; they don’t keep other people out; they fence you in. Even when it comes to the things we do, whether it be work or school, boundaries prevent you from obscuring certain limitations between one thing and another. One common but very helpful boundary is ensuring that work remains and stays outside your bedroom. Or if you do not have your own bedroom, then simply don’t work on your bed. If you don’t have any place else to work or study, at least don’t lie in bed. Reserve that soft, comfy, and enticing sheets for resting or sleeping only.  

When space is shared with either your family or friends, boundaries tend to break and would often deem useless. This is obviously beyond your control so find a workaround by creating arrangements that they, too, could benefit from. Remember, in establishing boundaries, you create emphasis on how you want people to treat you.

Production Capacity

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There is a reason why offices and workplaces are built the way they are. The lighting, fixtures, and even the color of the walls are considered to ensure the environment is conducive for working. But ever since the lockdown in 2020, many of us have not seen our offices. And sometimes, we struggle to work at home because almost everything opposite the outside world can be considered home.

With established boundaries, following a routine by creating a schedule has made life easy for many people. While the urge to watch your favorite Kdrama on TV or take “a couple of minutes chilling in bed” is very inviting when at home, when you have a schedule written somewhere in your house with specific time and action, our brains create signals to condition our minds that we have action items to meet and deliverables to accomplish. A hack that even when we feel like we’re stuck in bed, sorry, my friend, but if our brains would have a personality, it’s definitely going to be a notorious Type-A. It could make you drag yourself to work even when you’re already cozying up.

Healthy Habits 

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Mens sana in corpore sano – a sound mind in a sound body. Simply put, you can’t expect to have a healthy mind if you don’t have a healthy body. While we understand that home is a place for rest and comfort, we need to be amenable to changes since we do not know how long we will be in this phase. Taking care of your body must be holistic. From doing exercises to eating the right food, these all contribute to better mental well-being.

Your body is yours to deal with. But if you feel like you need some reminding, always go for the obvious and, more often than not, the easiest, ones. Make it a habit to follow healthy sleep hygiene and, at the same time, eat food that could always make you feel strong and alert. Only reward yourself with a little bit of sweets when the situation calls for it. Patting yourself on the back is a great way to condition your mind that good things are always rewarded. Love yourself; that’s what you need to do to get anything done. 


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