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One may argue that not everything needs to have a purpose. It’s true, to some extent. We do random things for the sake of doing them. But the stress, pain, and efforts, no matter how big or small, what are they all for, then? In the countless times we fall, remembering our purpose will help us get back on our feet. When the going gets tough, don’t just stay the same. Use every obstacle you face to go beyond resiliency and become stronger.

In the sea of never-ending exchange of actions and interactions, one could easily get lost or get caught up in the moment. When you ride a bicycle and lose your balance, you may do some things before you get back up and carry on. Some would quickly dust themselves off, while others would look around first to see if anyone has seen what you might consider an embarrassing moment. These are just some of the things we need to deal with before we get ready to hop on the bicycle and continue our journey.

Endless distractions surround us. But just like falling from a bicycle, we can’t stay on the ground for long. We must remember why we were on a bike in the first place, to lift ourselves. Only when we go back to our purpose will we continue to do what we are doing—perhaps, even more important, why we are doing what we do. Many things will sweep us off our feet and make us lose our balance. But no matter how often we fall and hit the ground, so long as we know the purpose behind our actions, we will always have the strength to rise and continue.

Recovery, resiliency, and antifragility.


Some days are like others. When we wake up, we might even say how enervated we are with our routine. Whether it’s due to stress or sheer exhaustion from all the weight we carry every waking day, we are likely to overcome barriers when we wake up with a purpose. Sometimes, stress isn’t the problem. It’s the lack of recovery that’s causing us to make the same mistakes and ultimately fail.

Resiliency talks about returning to our natural form after pressure is added. However, beyond resilience, we need to be antifragile – a word coined by author Nassim Taleb. It is a state where we do not just return to our natural form. Instead, we grow bigger and stronger after a resistance. Like muscles, they won’t grow bigger and stronger if you do not allow them time to recuperate and repair broken tissues. When we allow ourselves time to process our reaction to pressure, we regain strength and a chance to remember our purpose of doing something.

We could be resilient by getting up while enduring the pain. But what if we fall and get hurt again? Our journey would not only become difficult. It will eventually slow us down from getting where we want to go. Worse, when the pain we kept enduring from the fall worsens, it could force us to stop altogether.

The next time you fall from a bicycle, don’t just be resilient; be antifragile. Don’t just recover, be stronger. Let your purpose be the driving force. Use the pain you get from all the countless times you hit the ground to your advantage. Be the mythical Hydra that grows two new heads when you cut one off. If all else fails, just remember that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.



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