The local government of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte inaugurated recently its newly-refurbished “i-hub” or internet center to accommodate learners under the “new normal” education system.

San Nicolas Mayor Alfredo Valdez said the center, which is located beside the municipal hall building, is currently equipped with 12 computers with high-speed internet access. Students who have no personal computers or other learning gadgets can go and take turns in loading their learning modules at the facility.

“At least one unit of computer designed for differently-abled person is also available at the municipal i-hub.”

According to Valdez, at least one unit of computer designed for differently-abled persons is also available at the municipal i-hub, as well as educational books and other learning references. It also has a cozy space for reading while coffee and other refreshments may be had at the adjacent cafeteria.

“We likewise, have available space for other public or private schools if they have spare computers to be used by their students in our library,” he added.

To avoid overcrowding of students at the i-hub, Valdez said they will be clustering the barangays just like what they are doing at the San Nicolas public market and post a schedule for the learners in each village.

“Each barangay has been provided with a computer and printer where students can go anytime.”

In addition to the i-hub, each barangay in San Nicolas town was also provided with a computer and printer where students can go anytime.

As the country continues to grapple with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) health crisis, President Rodrigo Duterte has maintained his stand that there shall be no “face-to-face” classes in high-risk areas until a vaccine becomes available.

In Ilocos Norte, online class simulations are currently ongoing to prepare teachers and students for the opening of classes.

Local officials are also closely coordinating with the Department of Education to beef up the anticipated distance learning program for students.

One of the ongoing activities is the continuous upgrading of public libraries or i-hubs to make sure all students in the province have equal access to all learning modalities. 


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