Mayor Sara Duterte urged Dabawenyos to save money by spending only on important things for the holiday season.

In her Christmas greetings posted on the city government’s official Facebook page, Duterte urged residents not to waste their money on unnecessary things like buying firecrackers.

“Let’s avoid parties and gatherings and let us reject invitations.”

“Our call — we just stay at home this Christmas with our families. Let’s avoid parties and gatherings and let us reject invitations,” the lady mayor said.

She said the Christmas celebration this year is very different compared to previous years due to the coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic.

“We must be aware that in our celebration within our home, our families are spared from COVID-19 which caused the demise of hundreds of Dabawenyos, thousands of Filipinos, and millions all over the world,” Duterte said.

She stressed that the pandemic had a profound effect on the lives of the Dabawenyos where the great threat lingers and the crisis will continue for years to come. In a radio interview recently, she said that there is a possibility that the pandemic is still present up to 2022.

“Health experts said that it will stay for two years.”

“There is still, a limit on mass gatherings, and the health experts said that it will stay for two years,” Duterte added.

She said Christmas is more important when the family is complete and everybody is in good health.

“This is the best gift we can give our family and everyone in our society. It is important that we reflect on our situation, and look to our future. Let us pray together and hope that the whole world will be free of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Duterte concluded. 


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