Senators stood in unison to credit the leadership skills that their leader, Senate President Vicente Sotto III, has honed through the years and have earned for him the trust of the public.

Senator Koko Pimentel III was quick to point out that the latest Social Weather Station (SWS) survey, which showed Sotto’s continued and unprecedented rise in the net satisfaction rating.

“A ‘very good’ rating is a solid proof of people’s approval to his leadership,” Pimentel said, citing the approval of 72 percent of the 1,800 adult Filipino-respondents in the survey conducted from September 27 to 30.

“May his laudable performance continue to affirm Filipinos’ trust in the legislature.”

“I wish to commend Senate President Vicente Sotto III for obtaining the highest ever net satisfaction rating for a Senate president by the SWS survey. May his laudable performance continue to affirm Filipinos’ trust in the legislature,” the veteran legislator added.

Senate Majority Leader Migz Zubiri echoed Pimentel’s assessment saying that Sotto’s exemplary satisfaction rating is “well deserved, as he has delivered truly judicious and workman-like service in his tenure as Senate President, leading the Senate body to be one of the most highly productive in Philippine history.”

Sotto’s net satisfaction rating slightly increased from +60 in June 2019 to +61 in September 2019, with only 11 percent of the respondents who said that they are dissatisfied. “I am overjoyed to learn that Senate President Sotto has continued to win the Filipino people’s trust. His high trust rating also came from his fair, truthful and unflinching participation in the controversial inquiries covered in the survey period. He is additional proof of the independence of the Senate,” said Zubiri.

It did not come as a surprise to Senator Dick Gordon to learn about Sotto maintaining a “very good” rating in the SWS survey for the third quarter of 2019.

“Sotto is a great unifier.”

“We all know that the Senate President is always going to deliver. He gets the respect of everyone that’s why we have a productive Senate. The Senate moves as one. He allows space for debates that’s why it’s expected that he gets a high grade,” Gordon said, adding that Sotto is “a great unifier.”

“He gets everyone work splendidly,” the veteran legislator said.

Senators Nancy Binay, Joel Villanueva and Bong Revilla, in separate statements, said Sotto’s high satisfaction rating is a reflection of the Senate’s performance and the many reforms he introduced under his leadership.

“We’re all thankful for the public’s trust given to Senate President Tito Sotto. Being the most experienced senator, the Senate President knows when to take the lead and make the tough call,” Binay said.

Revilla attributed Sotto’s leadership skills in motivating the upper chamber members to work together despite their differing views on a number of issues.

“It’s his unique style of leadership and I think people appreciate the fact that under his leadership, it also shows that we’re really serious in performing our respective mandates here at the upper chamber,” said the veteran legislator.

Villanueva could only attest to what his colleagues have said, having only but the highest admiration for Sotto and his manner in mentoring younger legislators like himself.

“He has a distinct way of processing issues which shows the decades of his experience in lawmaking. The rating of the Senate President reflects his leadership and work ethic in running the affairs of the upper chamber,” the veteran legislator said.

“We trust that the Senate will carry on with its mandate under the guidance and leadership of Senate President Sotto,” the seasoned lawmaker added.

Sotto’s one-point net satisfaction rating increase was due to increases of four points in Balance Luzon and one point in Mindanao, combined with a two-point decrease in the Visayas and a steady score in Metro Manila.

He posted a “very good” net satisfaction rating in Balance Luzon at +64; “very good” at +51 in Mindanao; “very good” at +68 in Metro Manila; and “very good” at +61 in the Visayas.

Public perception of the Senate likewise stayed “good” although it went down to +43 in September from +48 in June.

The survey conducted from September 27 to 30, used a nationwide face-to-face interviews of 1,800 adults or those aged 18 and above, with sampling error margins of ±2.3% for national percentages.

The Senate leader also exhibited a “very good” +61 satisfaction rating during the first quarter of the year or between December 2018 and March 2019, based on the SWS survey results released last April.

Reports said that the first quarter SWS survey attributed Sotto’s very good rating due to increases in his ratings in Mindanao and Balance Luzon, combined with a 10-point drop in Metro Manila and a steady score in the Visayas.

The said first quarter rating is equivalent to 71 percent of adult Filipinos who were satisfied with his performance and 10 percent dissatisfied.

Sotto continues to inspire satisfaction well into the year, Zubiri said, gives them confidence that they have started the 18th Congress on the right foot.

“With his astute guidance, I am certain that the Senate will continue to perform well as the budget deliberations ramp up and the year comes to a close,” the veteran legislator said.


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