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Step up Your Eyeliner Game With Dazzliners


Cut it with the black eyeliners and add some dazzle to your eyes with Dazzliners.

Dazzliners are adhesive strips of eyeliners designed by Face Lace. They are made from layers of clear sheets, and worn like stickers that can easily be applied to the face. They have a simple shape; nothing similar to the complicated wings makeup bloggers draw during their online tutorials.

What makes Dazzliners unique is their holographic design which really highlights the eyes with luminous and fun colors of silver, yellow, turquoise, violet and pink.

It is easy and fast to put Dazzliners on. Just peel them from the pack, press them into place, and bam! You got yourself the brightest eyes you could ever have. They save you time from applying the perfect, identical eyeshadow colors, and end the trouble of smudging those black liners you always use.

One pack comes with 10 pairs of reusable liners which are more than enough to work a festive look. You can even share a pair with your friends to get some party started.

Aside from Dazzliners, Face Lace offers other face designs that are more decorative, detailed, and catchy. Get creative with its different designs such as the DazzleDots, Unicosmicorn, Iridisa and more.

Browse the Face Lace website for more of its awesome products.


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