Stop Fake News – VILLANUEVA


Senator Joel Villanueva is set to file a bill penalizing those who ‘maliciously’ create and intentionally spread fake news in print, broadcast or online following the false claims of Justice secretary Vitaliano Aguirre implicating some opposition lawmakers in the conflict in Marawi City.

“We intend to file a bill that would penalize any person who maliciously creates or intentionally spread fake news in print, broadcast media or on the internet including social media websites,” Villanueva said.

The neophyte senator said that those who author lies and fake news should not be tolerated most especially when the public interest is at stake.

The legislator also expressed the need to find a balance between democracy and responsibility.

“We want to strike a balance between democracy and duty to promote a high standard of ethics especially in public service,” the lawmaker stressed.

Meanwhile, Villanueva supports his colleagues in the senate in calling for Aguirre to retract his statements and issue a public apology.


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