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When the pandemic started and going to coffee shops or co-working spaces was prohibited, we had no choice but to turn our homes into our studying or working space. This was a struggle for many of us who are accustomed to going out because we couldn’t focus on doing what we needed to do at home or trying to avoid the call of our clean, comfy beds. It was indeed a challenge to stay focused and motivated when the only thing you can see is a plain white wall or an untidy bed.

This is where we thank YouTube for being a one-stop shop for everything. As we said before, it has everything your mind could think of. It doesn’t only give us traditional forms of entertainment like music videos, short clips, and full-length movies. With new trends sprouting like mushrooms in the forest, our concept of entertainment changes. If it were a decade ago, who would have thought that a 20-minute video with nothing but random sounds would make such an impact? But we are not going to talk about ASMR. We are interested in discussing the wave of Gongbang videos or the relatively new type of unedited video content where people record themselves, sometimes for hours, while studying. Gongbang translates to study broadcast, so from the name itself, you will pretty much have an idea of what the video is about. 

Gongbang virality

The Man Sitting Next To Me

Gongbang videos are largely Korean, but they managed to spread across the world. In Japan, they call it Bengkyou Doga, and in the US, it is simply is “Study with me.” You might wonder why people would watch an unedited video of another person preparing for an exam, quietly jotting down notes, or hitting the computer keyboard next to a bunch of thick books. Well, why study alone, right?  

Is Gongbang lazy content?

Some people would call it lazy content, but these “study with me” videos are precisely the opposite of lazy. Maybe it’s human nature. When we see someone doing something, we tend to get curious and do it as well. In science, we call it biological entanglement or Bioentanglement Physics. It describes the particle phenomenon that, despite being from the opposite ends of the universe, when two particles are linked or entangled, they behave in unison. In this case, the conduit for entanglement is YouTube. For many, it is easier to focus when they are virtually next to someone who is also doing the same thing they are doing. It helps increase our drive and motivation to do what we need to do. 

The Strive To Fit

These videos of people studying rack up millions of views, and many have proven their effectiveness in making them focus on studying or working. If Mukbang videos entice viewers to eat (sometimes copiously), gongbang videos are not only relaxing, since they are somewhat ASMR as well, but they are also creating a connection with the viewers through encouragement and motivation. It is still scary for others to step out and visit their favorite coffee shops or libraries to study or work. Luckily, there are video contents like gongbang that could suffice the need for companionship and motivation. 

Definitely not ‘lazy content. ‘

Gongbang videos are not lazy content creation. They offer way more than the usual riveting entertainment we watch. Studying or working alone can sometimes feel lonely and could cause more distractions. But when you know you are not alone, even though you are at the opposite ends of the world, focusing becomes easier. After all, having a study buddy sounds like a good idea. 



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