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Sisterhood, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service, the Mu Sigma Phi have relentlessly aligned their efforts with the College’s mission of serving the underserved.

Service is the war the Mu Sigma Phi fights and commits to. Our Pillar of Service aims to be responsive and appropriate for sustainable and transformative nation-building, cultivating its spirit of self-denying Service. Each Brother and Sister seeks to provide assistance to those who need it, carrying on with hope amidst the challenges ahead, and anchoring all those in service to wield the power dedicated to the best interests of and justice towards humanity, from our fellow countrymen to the whole of mankind.

This Service Month, the Mu Sigma Phi once again imbue fervor into our Pillar of Service through various initiatives and efforts that tackle the myriad of health issues that the Philippines faces today. As such, we invite everyone to the activities for this Service month, which include:

90th Service Month Launch (April 11)
QEFF + UPLOAD 2023 (April 15)
Grand Medical Mission and Blood Drive (April 22) Immunity Forum (April)
Mu Expedition (April 30)
Lukso ng Dugo (May 5)
Medical Mission (May 7)

Beyond responding to the calls for help, the Mu Sigma Phi seeks to catalyze the empowerment of the community itself. Brothers and Sisters march forward with devotion, bearing arms in the service of the Filipino people!

About the Mu Sigma Phi

The Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity and Sorority of the UP College of Medicine are the first recognized medical fraternity and sorority in the Philippines and Asia. With over three thousand pioneers and leaders in its glorious roster, the Mu Sigma Phi has upheld its pillars of Brotherhood and Sisterhood, Service, Scholarship, and Leadership throughout its 89 and 88 years of existence, respectively.



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