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The Top 10 Places to Stay in Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is the gateway to the white sand beaches, pristine waters, and limestone cliffs of the paradise of an island that is Palawan.

It is also one of the, if not the, cleanest city in the entire country. With its strict implementation of its anti-littering law and the conscious efforts of the locals to maintain cleanliness, Puerto Princesa is so tidy you can eat off of the city’s sidewalks. (But, seriously, you can just best eat at the many specialty restaurants around.)

So what are you waiting for? If you’re still waiting for the right time to visit and experience the wonders of Puerto Princesa and the province of Palawan, I’m telling you, the time is now!

Here’s our list of the top 10 places to stay in Puerto Princesa.


10 Paboreal Boutique Hotel

The Paboreal Boutique Hotel is a simple but chic hotel located in Puerto Princesa. The place is just 5 minutes away from Puerto Princesa International Airport which makes it convenient for travelers who are off to explore the hidden treasures of the city. The hotel interior is set with calming neutral colors perfect for rest and relaxation. If you’re searching for a cozy and convenient place in Puerto Princesa, consider staying in Paboreal Boutique Hotel.


9 Panja Resort Palawan

Situated in the hills above Puerto Princesa, Panja Resort Palawan is located just 9 kilometers away from the city center. Aside from easy access to the city, the resort also offers a stunning view of the islands of Honda Bay. If you are looking for comfy accommodation with an Instagram-worthy view, then look no further because Panja Resort Palawan is the place for you.


8 Princesa Garden Island Resort & Spa

Dubbed as a slice of paradise, Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa is an escape into one of the Philippines’ last frontiers.With the resort’s Asian architectural theme, guests will surely be able to revel in the beauty of the surrounding nature. If you’re weary from the bustle of the city life, Princesa Garden Island Resort & Spa is the perfect place to break away from all the stress.


7 Microtel by Wyndham – Puerto Princesa

Located on the white sand shores of Emerald Beach, Microtel by Wyndham – Puerto Princesa is the only beachfront hotel in Palawan. The hotel offers dazzling views of the seascape at any time of the day. The hotel stays true to the Microtel chain’s international standards of quality. If reasonably-priced quality service and accommodation are what you’re looking for, Microtel by Wyndham – Puerto Princesa is what you’re looking for.


6 Best Western Plus The Ivywall Hotel

Best Western Plus The Ivywall Hotel is a modern midscale hotel located in uptown Puerto Princesa. Featuring a contemporary Filipino design, the hotel offers a mix of modern luxury and the Filipino brand of hospitality. With Best Western’s world-famous services standards, Best Western Plus The Ivywall Hotel should be on the top of your list for your stay in Puerto Princesa.


5 Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa

Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa is a 20-hectare private island resort nestled in the tropical waters of Honda Bay. The island resort boasts of its rich marine ecosystem and hectares of mangrove forests. The waters surrounding the island is home to more than 300 species of reef, fish, corals, crustaceans and mollusks; 95 migratory and non-migratory avian species; and a nesting site for 3 species of sea turtles. If you are a nature lover at heart and want to immerse yourself in the magnificence of the wildlife of Palawan, Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa is definitely a must-visit for you.

4 Dolce Vita Hotel & Restaurant

Dolce Vita Hotel & Restaurant is a charming Garden Oasis in the booming city of Puerto Princesa. Originally designed as a private villa for its owners, the hotel has a cozy atmosphere that exudes a homey feel for its guests. The extraordinary architecture of the Villa Suites contributes to the unique experience of staying in this hotel. If you’re tired of staying in ordinary hotels and want a truly unique experience, you should definitely try staying at Dolce Vita Hotel & Restaurant.


3 Hibiscus Garden Inn

Hibiscus Garden Inn is a small but quaint hotel located in Puerto Princesa. The hotel establishment itself may be a bit smaller than the usual hotel but the garden surrounding the hotel is pretty vast. The lush greeneries in the garden radiate a vibrant and happy energy. So if you’re looking for a place to escape from the city’s hubbubs then look no further! Hibiscus Garden Inn is the perfect place to replenish your drained energy.


2 Floral Villarosa

Originally built to be a family house, Floral Villarosa is a charming hotel that is famous for its unique but elegant motif. The hotel’s interior was decorated by the owners themselves with furnitures and ornaments from he local craftsmen of Palawan. The serene ambiance and the verdant greeneries surrounding the hotel combine for a truly unforgettable experience. So if you’re looking for a place that’s worth your every penny, Floral Villarosa is the perfect place for you.


1 Canvas Boutique Hotel

Canvas Boutique Hotel is far from your ordinary hotel. Actually, it’s not even a hotel, it’s an artwork where you can stay at. The whole hotel is full of art—look up at lights that mimic the stalactites of the Underground River, look down on the intricate Machuca tiles, look left and right and center as hand-painted wall art narrates stories of the island, live and in color. Every wall in the place has a different story to tell. Staying in this hotel will awaken your innate instinct for adventure. If you’re an art lover or just someone who’s up for a legitimately extraordinary experience, then visiting Canvas Boutique Hotel should definitely be added to your bucket list.




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