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Youtube is one of the go-to sites for Filipinos looking for pretty much anything under the sun. Rightfully so, Youtube offers a wide variety of video content. You are highly likely to find search results with just a few keywords, even the weirdest ones. The online video platform is also the best place for informative and directional topics relating to travel around the country. 

When travel comes into mind, one of the apparent channels you would visit is the Department of Tourism’s Youtube channel. It has all the information and aesthetics one would look for in an informational travel video. However, many of us prefer to hear the thoughts and experiences of other Filipinos. Perhaps, this is why the number of influencers and YouTubers in the country surged during the pandemic. So, if you are one of those people looking for travel vlogs that showcase the country’s wonders and offer historical facts about it, here are three Youtube channels we recommend you to visit and subscribe to. 


The then Erwan Heusaff Youtube channel was changed to FEATR during the pandemic to cater to more viewers by expanding its content and reach. But before it became FEATR, the channel offered travel vlogs that not only show how majestic our country is. The most appealing part about FEATR is how every bit of shared information is thoroughly researched before being presented in a well-curated video. 

Our favorite video on the channel is their trip to Mindanao. The vlog showed not only its natural beauty but also its rich culture embedded in the people of Mindanao. 

GRID Magazine

Heavy on the documentary, this channel offers travel vlogs by taking the accounts of actual people, their experiences, and their effort toward a sustainable tourism industry. This channel is great for people who cannot watch a full vlog for 15 to 20 minutes. Most of their videos are well under eight minutes. 

GRID Magazine is a channel devoted to crafting cinematic vlogs while keeping the core of caring for nature. One of our favorites from their channel is their Siargao Off the GRID video. 


Many would raise their eyebrows with this choice. Over the past years, many foreign vloggers flocked to the country to earn from clickbait titles on their videos. Making It Happen vlog is undoubtedly not one of them. The couple, Mike and Nelly, devoted their time to learning about our country and culture. So, it wasn’t surprising that they decided to permanently stay here after a few years of touring the country. Sometimes, the best way to learn about our country’s places is through our visitors’ experiences. 

The channel is consistently diligent in showcasing our people and culture. Like the two channels above, Making It Happen is also worth the click to subscribe solely for loving and caring for the country. 



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