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Ah, thank you for the weekend! Also, it’s that time of week for #TIL! After days of hustling, we all deserve to sit back, relax, and enjoy the downtime. What better way to make that all happen than by starting with perfect songs to set up the tone? So, for this week’s #TIL, we are not only giving you trivia bits about some of our favorite music, but we will also give you a dose of awesome tracks to listen to.

#TIL Song 1: Sæglópur (Sigur Ros)

The Icelandic band, Sigur Ros, released Saeglopur (Lost at sea) in 2016. For the most part, the band uses Hopelandic, which is actually a gibberish languagec with no meaning. The song was used in one of Netflix’s hit series Sense8 and New Amsterdam. It was also used for the 2021 Zack Synder’s Justice League.

#TIL Song 2: Aquaman (WALK THE MOON)

Now, we may not have heard anything new from the band WALK THE MOON since their hit song Shut Up and Dance, but at least they left us with a piece of incredible music that could stand the test of time. Aquaman is about falling in love and taking risks together—thinking what could be the worst thing that could happen? Listen and get your feet wet!

TIL Song 3: Lost Boy (Troye Sivan)

Another song from the great album of our wonder boy, Troye Sivan. The song is paralleled to the story of Peter Pan and Wendy. Lost Boy is a song about someone who loves to be at a company with someone cbut is too scared to be in a relationship.

TIL Song 4: TIL Song 1:There’s Still a Light in the House (Valley)

There’s Still a Light in the House is a song for the hopeless romantics. The song whimsically describes how one longs and hopes for someone to come back to their life. Despite its upbeat vibe, the song is a sad story about how we sometimes still hold the torch for something we have lost. 

TIL Song 5: Go Outside (Cults)

To cap this list, we are giving you an indie pop band from the country that basically gave us legendary music icons from Abba, Avicii, The Cardigans, down to, well, Swedish House Mafia. Cults is probably one of those bands you would have a hard time Googling because of their name. The band’s song Go Outside is a sunset-on-the-beach anthem. A song you would listen to when you have an ice-cold beer on one hand while the other is waving through the horizon as the sun drowns in the ocean.

Watch out for our next song recommendations and discover old and new music that will surely be a staple on your playlists! Enjoy your weekend and take that well-deserved rest!



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