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The Top 5 Places to Stay When in Butuan City

Butuan City, a highly urbanized city, is considered as the regional center of CARAGA. It is located in the northeastern part of the Agusan Valley in Mindanao. Butuan City was once the capital of Agusan del Norte, but was replaced by Cabadbaran City. For statistical and geographical purposes, Butuan City is still grouped with the province of Agusan del Norte but, administratively, it is governed separately from the province.

Aside from being the regional center of CARAGA, Butuan City is also a destination for tourists. The city is famous for its Balanghai Festival, which is a celebration of the coming of the early migrants in the Philippines, who used balangay boats to travel. The city also houses the massive and impressive Agusan River, which is the widest river in the whole of Mindanao.

Come and discover the hidden gems of the CARAGA Region. Come and visit Butuan City.


5 Goat 2 Geder Hotel & Restaurant


The Goat 2 Geder Hotel & Restaurant is a unique hotel located in Butuan City. The place attracts a lot of travelers due to its unique concept of having a “kambingan”, which is what locals call restaurants that serve goat meat primarily, and a hotel rolled into one. The hotel rooms are comfortable and affordable, too. But what garners this hotel a place in this list is the sumptuous goat meat dishes that the place offers. To have these dishes readily available to you at arm’s reach is pretty convenient. So if you are a food lover and in Butuan City, go ahead and book your stay in Goat 2 Geder Hotel & Restaurant.


4 Butuan Grand Palace Hotel


This is one of the newly opened establishments in Butuan City. Butuan Grand Palace Hotel just had its grand opening last March 5, 2017. This hotel features an awe-inspiring Chinese-inspired architectural design that is sure to make its guests feel luxurious whilst inside its premises. Aside from the luxury and the comforts that this hotel has to offer, their food is also to die for. The hotel’s selection of Filipino and Chinese cuisines are also sure to satisfy one’s gastronomic desires. So if you’re looking to have a grand time in Butuan City, do come and check out the Butuan Grand Palace Hotel.


3 Almont City Hotel


Almont City Hotel is a hotel that is known for the things it has to offer: comfort and convenience. Just a 15-minute ride from the airport, the hotel is conveniently located in the city’s commercial center, perfect for travelers looking to explore the city. It also boasts of its upscale, contemporary ambience with its high ceiling foyer and indoor dining areas that extend to an alfresco courtyard garden. So if you’re looking for a place to stay in Butuan and convenience is a must for you, Almont City Hotel is undoubtedly your best choice.


2 Almont Inland Resort


Almont Inland Resort is a place where one can take a breather and escape from the stresses of life. The resort offers recreational and relaxation activities such as swimming, tennis and fishing to help its guests relax and indulge themselves with the pleasures of life. So if you’re looking for a place in Butuan City where you can just sit back, relax, enjoy, and at the same time go for some exercises and other outdoor activities, Almont Inland Resort is the place for you.


1 Watergate Hotel


Located at the heart of Butuan, Watergate Hotel combines convenience, comfort, and class. This hotel is strategically located at the foot of the Butuan City Hall. With the airport only a few minutes away, the hotel is never too far away from where all the action is in Butuan City. The modern architecture mixed with the chic interior pieces creates an ambiance of luxury and privilege, without being too intimidating. If you are looking for a homey place to stay in Butuan City without sacrificing class, Watergate Hotel should be on top of your list.





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