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The Top Five Resorts in Camiguin Island

Camiguin may be the second smallest province in the country, but the beauty of the island is second to none. Blessed with an abundance of natural attractions, Camiguin is a must-visit for tourists who need an escape from the stressful life in the Metro.
Feel like visiting the place but don’t know where to stay? Here are our Top 5 resorts in Camiguin:


5: Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin

A place where one can go for quietude and privacy, Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin is a paradise for those who want to revitalize the body and the soul. Aside from the breathtaking landscapes and seascapes, the resort also offers different activities such as island hopping, island tour, diving and other water sports. Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin ensures its visitors that there will never be a dull moment with their stay in the resort.


4: Paras Beach Resort

Paras Beach Resort was originally built as a private beach house of the Paras Family. Conveniently located at the edge of the island, the resort is just a short ride away from the capital town of Mambajao. With its panoramic view of the ocean and the treasured White Island sandbar immediately at gaze, Paras Beach Resort is truly a paradise nestled in the arms of utopia. Perfect for tourists looking to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.


3: Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort

Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort is an eco-friendly resort with the theme, “where the Volcano meets the Ocean.” The resort was built to have minimal impact on nature;in fact, the resort even has a Coral Conservation Program for breeding corals. It also supports the livelihood of the local community by making sure that the products used and served to the customers are bought from the residents of the surrounding areas. For tourists who want to appreciate the wonders of nature while also helping the environment, Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort is the place to visit.


2: Balai sa Baibai

Balai sa Baibai is a high-end Balinese-style villa resort located on the Agoho beach, 5 km from the city center and 4 km from the airport. With its convenient location, the resort offers easy access to the iconic destinations of the island. Situated close to the beach, Balai sa Baibai offers tranquil and comfortable accommodation partnered with scenic views and top of the line amenities. It features a private beach area, an outdoor pool, and lush green gardens. The Balai sa Baibai Resort is for tourists seeking for convenience while maintaining luxury in their stay in the island.


1: Camiguin Action Geckos Dive & Adventure Resort

“The perfect blend of sophistication and culture,” these are the words that perfectly describe the Camiguin Geckos Dive & Adventure Resort. From the simple yet elegant hard-wood cottages to the perfectly-placed hammocks along the beach, the place is just undeniably picturesque. Aside from its beauty, Camiguin Geckos Dive & Adventure Resort is also a diver’s paradise. With one of the owners being a dive master, the place is fully equipped when it comes to diving. Sadly, even good things must come to an end. Camiguin Action Geckos Dive & Adventure Resort will be closing on July 31, 2017. The place is offering these ridiculous promos to cap off the days of the resort.



So for all the folks out there who are looking for a place to spend their summer vacations with their family or friends without making your wallets cry, Camiguin Action Geckos Dive & Adventure Resort is the place for you.





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