TV Shows in Japan Feature the Philippines – TEO


Three TV shows about the Philippines, with media values estimated at Php 120 million, are expected to have reached four million Japanese viewers. Filmed at different dates this year, the companies decided to pursue production in spite of the travel advisories that were issued.

Tabi Salada is a lifestyle and travel show under Asahi Broadcasting that featured Manila, Tagaytay, Boracay, Cebu and Bohol in four episodes in March. Moreover, Rare World Travel of Kansai Broadcasting did a special cover on Cebu and was hosted by popular actress Suzuki Sawa and comedian Mitsunuri Fukuda, shown on May 13. Furthermore, Mainichi Broadcasting’s ChichinPuipui, a travel show shown on June 13 and 17, featured Cebu as an ideal holiday and English as a Second Language (ESL) destination.

“It truly is heartwarming to note that these companies have trusted the assurance of safety of the Department of Tourism (DOT) and that they were able to capture the real situation in those areas. This helps buoy up confidence in our country as a safe and secure destination,” Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo said during this year’s Philippine Business Mission (PBM) in Osaka, Japan, the first of three cities which also include Nagoya and Tokyo. The three companies were present to manifest their continued support for the DOT’s objective of targeting 600,000 visitor arrivals this year and more than one million in 2022.

“I do hope that these TV shows serve as testimonials of the true situation in our prime tourist destinations. We need more media partners like them to push our message that it is still more fun in the Philippines,” Teo added.


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