Reelected Senator Cynthia Villar is urging graduates of the Pangasinan State University (PSU), San Carlos City campus to be involved in agriculture and business regardless of their chosen career as many opportunities await them in agriculture and agri-business.

“There are many opportunities for the youth in  agriculture like agri-business, farm tourism, mechanization, among others, especially for the agriculture-related courses in your campus. In fact, even those who graduated in business technology, (and) information and communications technology-related courses can also contribute a lot and also have a lot of opportunities in agriculture. In general, I really believe that science, research and technology play a very important role in solving various problems in various fields or sectors, including agriculture,” Villar said.

In her speech during the 40th Commencement Exercises of PSU-San Carlos, the seasoned legislator made students aware about the situation of agriculture in the country.

“Many are concerned because Filipinos who are involved in farming are getting older, with average age of between 57-58 that’s why, we are encouraging the youth like you to be more interested in agriculture,” the veteran lawmaker addressed the graduates.

Food security, the lady senator noted, lies in the hands of young people.

“According to studies, by 2050, the population will increase and the demand for food will increase to 70 percent. I hope you will all do your best so we will have food security for the sake of our children and grandchildren,” she said.

Villar also urged the graduates to consider entrepreneurship as another option aside from employment.

“This university (PSU) is really focused on high-quality education and academic excellence, so it has built a solid reputation. So you all have a very good head start in life as graduates of PSU. But not all graduates will be successful in landing jobs. You need to know that, not to be discouraged, but to be ready for the challenges that await you out there. The unemployment rate is still high. But landing a job is not the only available option for you. There is always the option to go into entrepreneurship. I hope many of you will consider it,” she said.

“There is always the option to go into entrepreneurship.”

She also cited as examples some big businessmen who started as small entrepreneurs, including her husband, former Senator Manny Villar.

“We have been calling out for a new generation of business people or entrepreneurs. And do not worry if you start small. It is better to start something small and make it big. Remember, 95 percent of the businesses in our country are micro and small enterprises and they provide more than 65 percent of employment. Wealth and a high majority of jobs are created by small businesses started by entrepreneurially-minded individuals or groups of individuals. Many of whom go on to create big businesses,” Villar said.

She added that Filipino youth are resilient and could be change-makers who can break the intergeneration poverty in the country.

“It is better to start something small and make it big.”

Meanwhile, the top graduate of  the school, Donnafel Sanchez, 25, who has a general average of 1.38, said enrollment in a state university enabled her to finish her Bachelor of Science in Office Administration course.

“I used to study in a private school but due to financial problem, I was forced to stop. But since I got a scholarship at PSU, I was able to continue my study,” she disclosed in an interview.

Sanchez added her age and poverty did not hinder her from pursuing her dream to finish her studies. 


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