Vice President and Secretary of Education Sara Durterte has launched MATATAG: Bansang Makabata, Batang Makabansa, to set the new direction of the agency and stakeholders in resolving basic education challenges.

Addressing around 400 education stakeholders, led by no less than President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in attendance, Duterte laid down the challenges and recent accomplishments of DepEd, before unveiling the new battle cry of the basic education sector.

“We will rally for every Filipino child.” 

“We will rally for an improved learning system in the country. Together, we will rally for every Filipino child. Para sa isang MATATAG na Bayan. Para sa ating mahal na Pilipinas,” she emphasized in her Basic Education Report (BER) for 2023.

According to the education chief, MATATAG will have four critical components:

  • MAke the curriculum relevant to produce competent and job-ready, active, and responsible citizens;
  • TAke steps to accelerate delivery of basic education facilities and services;
  • TAke good care of learners by promoting learner well-being, inclusive education, and a positive learning environment; and
  • Give support to teachers to teach better.

“We know that the road will be bumpy, but our direction is clear. We know that the challenges are vast, but we Filipinos are resilient. We will overcome,” the education head added, noting that her interest in the future of Philippine education is very personal.

In her report, Duterte also provided the specific directions and initiatives that will comprise the four components, including improving the curriculum by focusing on foundational skills and embedding peace competencies, building more resilient schools and classrooms, strengthening inclusive education programs, advocating for teachers’ additional benefits, and providing professional development programs, among others.

In addition, Duterte reiterated her commitment to give ample support to the thousands of teachers in the country.

“Hindi po namin kayo pababayaan.”

“We thank you for your sacrifices. Maraming salamat po sa inyong dedikasyon. Hindi po namin kayo pababayaan,” she said.

Duterte also urged the stakeholders to join DepEd in building a MATATAG nation.

“Improving access, equity, equality, resiliency, and well-being will not happen overnight, nor can it be done by DepEd alone. We need a national commitment and sustained effort from all sectors of the society,” she stressed.

After the launch of MATATAG, Marcos, Duterte, Senate President Migz Zubiri, Senator Win Gatchalian, Representative Roman Romulo, and other education partners penned their commitments and support for the new basic education agenda.



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