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Losing connection during a shift is one of the most stressful things. Especially now that a lot of industries rely on home internet because of the transition to work from home. In terms of connection stability, there’s not a lot of things we can do at that very moment. We have no control over the current infrastructure but we can implement preventive and backup measures to ensure that we’re kept online when we need it.


The price range of available internet ranges from 1000 pesos up to 4000 pesos, it’s easy to be drawn to the cheaper options. However, cheaper does not mean better. A solid Internet connection saves us from a lot of unnecessary stress and enables us to do our work and tasks without the hassle. Regardless if it’s as simple as downloading a document or as bandwidth-heavy as making video calls. When choosing which service provider to choose, you can ask neighbors and nearby internet establishments on what provider they use. This is a better basis than online testimonials because sometimes the quality of internet changes per area.


The quality of your internet can be affected by the router you’re using. It’s not just the specs, but also ensuring that it isn’t overworked or overheated a lot. An overheated router can cause problems and can decrease your internet speed. Place your router in an open space and where your fan would also usually hit when possible. This ensures that your router is in a well ventilated space that not only helps with overheating but also with signal. When it’s a particularly hot day, take breaks in between your workday and also make sure that you keep up with the maintenance of the hardware and the software.


The first option is connecting to your mobile’s data and connecting through a hotspot. This is a quick fix that is accessible and done with minimal setup. This gives you time to wrap up any urgent tasks that were disrupted and space to troubleshoot your connection issues. When thinking of backup connections, it’s important to diversify your options. If you have a Globe broadband plan, try to use a Smart broadband prepaid backup, or a PLDT prepaid. This is because if the issue is with the service provider, it’s best to have options that are different from that provider.


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