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Wonder Woman: the Female Superhero we Deserve


If you have not seen Wonder Woman yet, then you are definitely getting left behind all the overflow of emotions and reactions from women, men, parents and their young Wonder Woman wannabees.

Directed by the incredible Patty Jenkins, and top billed by the lovely Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, the movie is not your typical female superhero story. This time, more than just a damsel in distress, or the main/supporting character dressed in tiny/tight latex costumes, this female lead is portrayed to be strong, fearsome, and in control of her own life – something we all could relate to, right? Except not everybody has those abs and physical condition to engage in combat, but that is okay because I still loved this movie!

Having been led by many amazing women, the movie made an instant connection with me and other female viewers. Seeing Themyscira and how the Amazons live, fight, and love together, Wonder Woman received great reception as a way to support every woman and her daily battles which are similar to those of Diana’s — defying orders, shutting down ‘mansplaining’, going beyond borders society has set for capabilities of women, and doing what she truly loves in the end.

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What is also beautiful about the movie is how Diana is packaged as a superhero. While she is strong and confident, she also shows sadness and anger. She can be as fragile as any other ordinary person especially when her loved ones are involved. But when she knows that there are people who are in need, she toughens up and becomes unstoppable. Everything Diana does is for the good of others. She is more than just her pretty face, flowy hair, fighting abilities, and love for the charming Steve (great chemistry with Chris Pine by the way). She is an amazing woman. Just like the rest of us, she is human.

Truth be told, Wonder Woman is how we would want to be represented because each one of us is a Diana of our own Wonder Woman stories.

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Without a doubt, Wonder Woman is a good watch because you will enjoy how smart, funny, thrilling, moving, and inspiring every scene gets. Moreover, it embraces the empowerment of women. This movie had me yelling “You go, girl!” every time confrontations and action take place. Furthermore, Wonder Woman tells us to be true to ourselves and to be unafraid of our insecurities; that we have the power to take hold of our lives and to make changes for ourselves and for others.

Lastly, it is already 2017. It is about time more movies like this one are produced and shown in the big screen. Everybody, Wonder Woman is still up in the cinemas. Go watch it now and share to us your thoughts on it.


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