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One of the things I really wanted when I started my first corporate job was to go to work in comfortable clothes, or not have to worry about how I dress for work and how I looked.

Because of this, working remotely was something that really appealed to me. Now that we’ve been in various levels of quarantine for more than a year, dressing up for work can easily become an afterthought.

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It can be tempting to dress comfortably, but we need to be careful not to be way too comfortable. No one can see me anyway, so it doesn’t really matter much — these were the things that I told myself. But to be honest, not caring about how I looked when I worked as part of the reason why I didn’t have boundaries with work and rest.

How can dressing up for work affect performance?

When you work from home it feels natural to just stay in your sleepwear and go straight to work. Why waste a good 30 to 40 minutes? This is because dressing up can put you into a better mental headspace to do the work you’re supposed to. It can seem like a hassle but it also ensures that you retain a sense of normalcy in your life. A routine can be a good anchor to sanity. It gives you tangible moments to separate work from rest or play.

Preparing before your workday can actually save you time and hassle in case something sudden comes up and you need to rush to make yourself look presentable. Taking a few minutes at the start of the day is a short time that will definitely pay off when you need it. 

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How you should dress for work when working remotely

Since it’s also likely that you won’t see your colleagues, boss, or other co-workers while you work, this is the perfect time to try different styles. Mix different styles or colors that you always wanted to try but weren’t sure if it suits you. To set a better mood, it’s still better to dress for work with something you’re comfortable with even while you’re experimenting.

Try outfits that compliment your eyes, or a style that makes you feel great. Wear something that’s easy to move around in and something that helps you feel more confident about yourself. Working from home sometimes means sitting around for an extended period of time. Without the presence of other people, it can be dragging and boring. Wearing something nice and making yourself feel good can really set the mood for the day.



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