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You don’t want to miss this! On May 26, 2023, the UP Speech Communication Association (UP SPECA) will be hosting the Youth Speech Congress 2023 at Malcolm Theater in UP Diliman.  UP Speca’s mantra of “Breaking barriers through communication” will surely be witnessed as this day-long communications-related forum for high school students all over Luzon presents an opportunity to contend and confide with some of the best and the brightest communicators and speakers around the country. Since being established in 2017, the event has become an avenue to showcase the organization’s commitment to promoting the significance and power of Speech Communication as a discipline.

For its fourth installment with the theme: “DISRUPT: Transforming Post-Pandemic Philippines through Leadership and Communication.”, UP SPECA’s Youth Speech Congress sets out to make a comeback despite the setback made by the recent global pandemic, as it aims to become a platform that would feature high school students to exhibiting their critical thinking and persuasion as well as appreciate the importance of communication as manifested through its subevents: 

The YSC Symposia

YSC Symposia aims to highlight one of the event’s goals of informing and raising awareness on important social issues that we are currently facing. Esteemed guest speakers are also going to have a talk that would tackle economic recession, digital misinformation, and historical distortion.

 Impromptu Speech


The event also showcases its participants’ ability to be spontaneous, yet sharp and clever as it will be having its Impromptu Speaking Contest. The delegates’ public speaking skills are put to the test as they are expected to come up with a meaningful, organized, and impactful speech just within the few moments they are given.

Oral Interpretation Contest

Prepare yourselves to be creative and quirky as the  Oral Interpretation Contest of YSC 2023 will unfold! The participants will be competing in a 3-5 minute performance of their literary piece to be provided by the organizers prior to the event. Everyone will be given the same material so participants are challenged to be as creative and quirky as possible as they attempt to capture and put their audience in-pocket.

Idea Pitch

Do you have an idea? Do you want to innovate? Say no more as we have our Idea Pitch Contest as well to put your ideas to the test! Everyone will be aimed to provide idea generation, policy-making, and program creation. These ideas would catapult necessary projects as future youth leaders and innovators! Projects will be critiqued based on necessity, feasibility, and impact.

Join UP SPECA as they continue to break barriers through communication in the fourth installment of the Youth Speech Congress! Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your skills and be part of the growing community of advocates for effective communication. We hope to see you on May 26, 2023, at the Malcolm Theater in UP Diliman!







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