Zero Tolerance for Corruption in DENR Under My Watch – LOPEZ


Like President Rodrigo Duterte, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Gina Lopez has zero tolerance for corruption and is ready to act on complaints regarding DENR official and employees brought to her attention by the public.

“Ako sa DENR, one strike, out (for me, in the DENR, one strike, out),” emphasized Lopez during a Facebook Live session on April 23, wherein the DENR chief answered questions regarding a wide range of topics.

According to Lopez, “ang problema sa government ay hindi pera, kundi ang paggamit ng pera (the problem with government is not money, but how money is used).”

This, Lopez said, was why she was “happy with the President” because of his zero tolerance position regarding corruption.

“Kailangan na kailangan yan. (We really need that.) The DENR since its inception has been regulatory… and it being regulatory makes it a prime bed for corruption,” explained Lopez.

Lopez encouraged the public to report any DENR official or employee involved in corruption as she pledged to investigate all those suspected of wrongdoing. She likewise encouraged the public to tell her about DENR personnel who were doing exemplary work.

“Kung meron kang kilala na (if you know a) DENR official or whatever not serving the country well, just let me know and if you know any DENR official doing well, also let me know,” Lopez said.

“We investigate if the complaints are real; when there’s smoke there’s fire. Saan galing yung complaint? Siguro may nangyayari diyan,” added Lopez

The President has repeatedly stated that he appointed Lopez to the DENR post because he knew she would strictly enforce the law.

“Nilagay ko naman si Gina, she’s so very strict,” said the President last week at an event in Pasay City.

“Gina told me frankly that the Philippines has to be mine-free. How can we do that we have to amend the law; there’s a mining law that allows mining,” Duterte explained.

“But I agree with Gina na kung maari lang, hindi. Kasi nakita ni… maawa ka sa bayan… maawa ka sa bayan.”

(But I agree with Gina that if it’s possible, let’s not do it. Because I saw it… and you will really pity our country… you will really pity our country.)


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