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Avilon Zoo in Rizal Province

Avilon Zoo in Rodriguez, Rizal is marketed as the biggest facility of its kind in the country. The place is airy, clean and a pleasure to explore. Cage and den occupants are properly identified. You feel the management’s care and attention to the animals.

There are people who criticize zoos for keeping animals in confined spaces instead of allowing them to roam free in their natural habitat. I’m not one of those people. Responsibly-maintained zoos like Avilon serve an important educational purpose. We get to witness first-hand these beautiful creatures we’d otherwise only be seeing in pictures and in videos. A well-kept zoo goes a long way in letting people know the importance of keeping the environment healthy and sustainable.

Some essential tips for a worthwhile Avalon visit: buy tickets online to get a 50% discount on adult rates (350 instead of 700 pesos) plus save 50 pesos for children (the usual entrance fee for kids more than 3 feet tall is 400 pesos; smaller tots get in free), and be there early because a thorough walk-through of everything takes close to four hours at a relaxed pace. You can bring snacks inside. If you carry packed meals, there’s a 25 pesos surcharge per. We brought chips and drinks.

Traffic was light to and from our Quezon City residence because it was a Sunday. Avilon was surely a good alternative to the usual weekend stroll at the mall.

To see more pictures from Avilon Zoo, view the original article here.


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