Ten seconds. Ten seconds is enough time for something to happen, enough time to change our lives forever. That is all it takes—sometimes, even shorter. So, how do you keep calm? We have been living in a time when things happen so fast they could make our heads spin. Whenever we are alone, we sometimes experience moments of weakness and start to feel the pressure creeping in. It is essential to know that keeping calm does way more than just clearing our heads. Keeping calm sets the tone for how we are going to take our next steps.

When we keep calm, we take control back. We see things better, assess them logically, and determine actions to address a situation. The first step towards effectively doing so is knowing what you are up against—pressure. Why do we even have to feel them? What is it for? Why do we often experience it in almost everything we do?

Maybe the answer lies in that last question. Whatever we do in life, there is always a certain level of pressure in it. The only difference is how much a thing means to us. Usually, the things we consider significant can cause us to feel pressured. But more often than not, we are the ones putting pressure on ourselves. We either overthink what people say or fear that we might not live up to our own expectations.

Manage expectations and focus on what matters

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We all experience feeling pressured variously. Having said that, it means we also deal with them differently. Allow yourself to feel what you need to feel to carry on. Doing so can sometimes become beneficial, given the circumstances, and so long as you keep it within the right margins. Easier said than done, we know, but we can reposition our minds and think of everything else as mere background noises. Fix your aim to what matters in the present and get back for the loose ends once you regain your mental and emotional capacity.

It will prove beneficial when we set our expectations that sometimes, there will be things that would go awry—regardless of how much we prepare for them. When they do not go according to plan, we need the fortitude to refocus our attention on what we need to do. It would be challenging, but moving little by little is better than not moving at all. Keeping calm will help us do precisely that.

Pressures from the unknown

Possibilities. Sometimes, numbers freak us out. They could cause more pressure and anxiety if we look at them that way. We tend to fear the statistical probability of something from happening because they translate to our chances. If you are one of those who always feel pressured about what could happen, you may need to remind yourself that you have control over probabilities. You have the power to choose which one you would want to happen.

We tend to fixate on things that have not happened yet. While we could agree that this is an act of precaution, overdoing it could lead us to abandon rational thoughts. Often, we know what’s in front of us. We see the problem and what we think we need to do to fix it. But when we start to worry and feel pressured about the unknown, maybe taking it as it is would work—it is unknown, so there is no point putting pressure on ourselves just because we cannot put our finger on something.

Control has been mentioned twice before this sentence. Just like everything else in this world, too much of something is never a good thing. We have to accept that there are things in life we have to let go of to flourish; sometimes, it’s control. We have to set our expectations that we cannot control everything. The things we can control, we deal with it; but the things we cannot, we have to let go. Letting go can liberate us from fear, anger, and expectations. If you think of it, there is really nothing left to lose but more to gain. So, keep calm, savor the moment, and be courageous enough to see things differently.



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