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On its 23rd commemorative year, Junior Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers– Batangas State University (JPIChE–BatStateU) proudly launches the 2nd ChEnematography, with an overall theme, “Unblur: Sharpening Distorted Imagery through Media and Information Literacy.”

JPIChE-BatStateU is a well-known organization promoting the excellence and holistic development of Chemical Engineering students of the 21st century.

This competition aims to showcase the different experiences during this pandemic and its effects in all aspects.

With the pursuit of academic excellence, the organization has been committed to implementing events that would improve and nurture the students’ engagement and participation on societal issues and have partnerships with other participating institutions.

This year, the 2nd ChEnematography is divided into three competitions including LIGHTS, a TED- Talk Style Speaking Contest which focuses on discerning truths from different reliable online sources, with the theme, “LIGHTS: Reflecting New Insights through Illuminating the Disparity between Real and Distorted Information.”

CAMERA, a Photography Contest which will capture the perspectives of the participants on mental health amidst the pandemic, with the theme, “CAMERA: Capturing the Viewpoints of Mental Health through the Lenses of Reality.”

Lastly, ACTION, a Short Film Making Contest which will showcase the rendition of students on the drastic effects of the pandemic in all aspects of life, with the theme, “ACTION: Exhibiting the Repercussions of the Pandemic and the Quarantine in a Cinematic Perspective.”

This competition aims to showcase the different experiences during this pandemic and its effects in all aspects.

In addition, an online seminar will be held as part of this event in accordance with the overall theme, where the topics to be discussed are related to photography and videography. This event will be held on December 4 – 5, 2021, Saturday and Sunday, from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM via Zoom and Facebook Live.

You may access the following links for the official invitation, event primer, competition rules and mechanics, and official registration forms.

Drive link for the official invitation, event primer, and competition rules and mechanics:

Links for the official registration forms:





Payments can be sent through the following accounts:


Louise Angelique Mercado


Eastwest Bank

Louise Angelique Mercado


Registration and deadline of outputs is until November 28, 11:59 P.M.

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