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Clean and Shiny Teeth in Just 10 Seconds?


How many times a day do you brush your teeth?

Brushing your teeth seems simple but it is one of the tasks you do not look forward to every day. It actually requires a lot of work: you grab your toothbrush, squeeze some toothpaste, brush and try to clean every tooth you have (almost shoving the entire toothbrush inside your mouth), and get all messy and drenched with the running water you rinse with. The worse part: your teeth are still not clean enough!

It is recommended to brush at least twice a day but with the required time and effort, you tend to skip this part of the daily routine especially at night after getting home from a tiring day. And even if you do brush your teeth regularly, you may not be doing it properly or long enough.

This is where the Amabrush comes in.

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Amabrush is an automatic and hands-free device that cleans the teeth effectively and effortlessly in just 10 seconds. In other words, it transforms the chore of tooth brushing into something fabulous and exciting. Makes you want to brush your teeth from time to time, right? Hello, good dental health!

The Amabrush is composed of three (3) parts: the mouthpiece, hand piece, and toothpaste capsule. The mouthpiece is made of flexible, antibacterial silicone featuring soft bristles fixed at a 45-degree angle. These ensure that every part of your teeth is cleaned while gum damage and teeth sensitivity are prevented. The mouthpiece connects to the hand piece which dispenses a right amount of toothpaste and produces vibrations that clean the teeth in just 10 seconds. The toothpaste capsule which contains the month-long toothpaste comes in Extra Fresh (blue), Whitening (white), and Sensitive (rose) flavors, and is connected to the hand piece.


The hand piece is built with a wireless charging mechanism and a battery that can last for a month. It can also be used by more than one person since it is designed with a magnetic device to attach to the mouthpiece.

The Amabrush is easy to use. Simply put it in your mouth, press the power button, wait for 10 seconds, rinse, and you are done. In just a few seconds, your teeth are guaranteed clean, shiny and fresh.

While dentists recommend three (3) minutes of brushing when using an ordinary toothbrush, the cleanliness of the teeth still depends on the toothbrush type and brushing style. And Amabrush claims it can provide good dental hygiene with its technology in just 10 seconds.

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Its developers are currently working on a Bluetooth feature for the units and an app that will allow control of the device’s vibration modes and brushing time. The app will also serve as a platform to purchase replacement parts.

There is no more excuse to skip brushing those teeth. Amabrush will do the dirty job for you.


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