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Marble Hair, Anyone?


Do you dye your hair? Now this is for you.

Neon orange, pastel pink, deep blue, and the whole spectrum of the rainbow. Countless colors have been tried and flaunted by many beauty enthusiasts online. We thought we have already seen every hair color and style there is, but hairstylist Ash Fortis proves us wrong with her own creativity.

Introducing hair marbling, the latest hair dyeing trend people are going crazy about online.

Fortis started and mastered this technique after taking inspiration from nail marbling. Known as @xostylistxo on Instagram, she made a buzz in the beauty industry with the colorful looks she produces and posts on her feed.

Hair marbling starts with the bleaching of hair to a platinum blonde to make the colors really pop out when the process is done. Hair is separated to small sections which are pressed onto the mesh strip. After 15-20 minutes, the dye is rinsed out, and the process is complete.


The result is an elegant explosion of colors, all happening from the roots until the tips of your hair.


Marble hair is no ordinary rainbow hair because the patterns produced during the process are random and distinct to every person.

It is a great way to tell the world how beautiful and unique you are (if the idea of having colored hair is not enough)!

Fortis continues to share her hair dye mixes and finished looks on her Instagram account. See more of her fascinating at @xostylistxo.


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