MMDA Welcomes Move to Axe Volunteer Tanod Who Harassed Towing Personnel – LIM


Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Danilo Lim welcomed the move of the barangay chairman of Baclaran in Paranaque City to dismiss the volunteer tanod who reportedly threatened a member of the towing crew with bodily harm during a recent anti-illegal parking operation.

Lim said the other barangay officials and personnel should emulate the move of Barangay Baclaran head Dulio Cailles to sack volunteer tanod Michael Edison Torres who purportedly threatened to gun down members of the towing crew accredited by the MMDA.

“We welcome such expression of support to our mission of clearing all roads in Metro Manila of all types of obstructions to improve the traffic situation,” he said.

The MMDA chief added that the members of the towing crew, with agency personnel, were merely doing their jobs in hauling off illegally parked vehicles and other road obstructions.

“We stand by our personnel who are performing their duties but would not tolerate those abusive ones,” Lim said.

In his letter, Cailles told the MMDA Chairman that he has already dismissed Torres immediately after watching the TV news program, showing Bong Nebrija, MMDA Supervising Officer for Operarations, reprimanding Torres.

Nebrija gave Torres a dressing down after the volunteer tanod reportedly accosted and threatened to gun down members of the towing crew during a recent anti-illegal parking operation on Airport Road.

Cailles said he has already ordered Torres to surrender his ID, uniform and other equipment issued by the barangay to him because of the incident.

“We have worked diligently and relentlessly, at least twice a day at clearing Baclaran’s major roads (Airport Road, Redemptorist Road, Quirino Avenue and the Roxas Boulevard Service Road) as well as its inner roads of all illegal obstructions, including illegal vendors and illegal parking.

“We have likewise held regular and periodic dialogue with street vendor leaders to ensure that they obey the traffic management rules and regulations set by the MMDA,” the barangay head said.

Cailles also apologized to Lim for the action and demeanor of Torres towards the anti-illegal parking group.

“Rest assured that this incident will not happen again. I, together, with the Barangay Council, will conduct thorough evaluation of our personnel, especially volunteers,” he added.


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