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Motivational Tattoos and Mental Health

People have different reasons for getting inked. For some, tattoos serve as pick-me-ups that help them face their everyday challenges. Having something visually appealing and comforting allows one to brave up and move forward at life.

Permanent tattoos are painful and costly, but with the invention of temporary tattoos, anyone can get inked with meaningful and inspiring messages that will help get through difficult times.

One online tattoo shop that serves this purpose is Motivational Tattoos by Francesca Timbers. The shop sells temporary tattoos with positive messages and spreads awareness of mental illness.

The idea started in 2011 when Timbers was diagnosed with optic neuritis, a condition that causes inflammation of the optic nerve, possibly leading to loss of vision. This made her deeply depressed, having thoughts of suicide as the sight in her left eye slowly deteriorated. She was at her lowest point when she was in the hospital but she managed to fight her anxiety and depression by making something positive out of it.

As a way to improve her mental health and remind her to take care of herself, Timbers designed temporary tattoos, which her friends also wanted when they saw them on her. This motivated her to launch an Etsy Shop which is now Motivational Tattoos.

The shop sells handmade temporary tattoos printed with motivational words such as ‘Courage’, ‘Treat Yourself”, ‘You Got This’, and ‘You’re Worth It’. It also accepts personalized messages which allow people to really connect with themselves, or show more intimate support for other people. Each Motivational Tattoo Pack has 15 small tattoos which last for 1-4 days when applied.

Aside from tattoos, there are enamel pins, stickers, bubble notes, and coloring books. All items carry messages that will help you during tough moments.

People who have the same struggles as Timbers loved the motivational tattoos – with 20,000 packs sold in over 60 countries. ‘Sometimes a customer will email me a photo of their tattoo with their story, and I’ll wear the same tattoo that day and send them a photo back,’ Timbers shared to Mashable. ‘It’s like a sign of solidarity and support, even if it’s with someone on the other side of the planet.’

The tattoos may be temporary but their motivational words will forever stay in the hearts of the wearer. They were made to remind people to love themselves and others, and build a community that recognizes and cares about mental health issues.

If you ever see family or friends having such tattoo, give them the encouragement and support they need. Make them feel that they are not alone for you are with them.


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