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Movies are all created to inspire, make us learn, love, and laugh. But there is something to be said about movies with great plot twists. Even without the A-list actors leading the bill, a film with a well-placed plot twist can stand out on its own. They could make a movie truly leave a mark.

Most of the films we see now follow a specific theme, rhythm, and vibe—you could already predict what will happen next. However, some movies became bigger than the entire storyline solely because of their plot twist. Who can forget the most famous line of all time, “No, I am your father”? When Darth Vader was revealed as Anakin Skywalker’s father. It was such a huge cinematic reveal that maybe even the Germans were shocked by it. I mean, Vater = father, get it?

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How about the movie ‘Us,’ billed by Academy award winner Lupita Nyong’o? When the film was released, it created enough noise solely because of the movie’s frightening twist. How would one feel after finding out you have been living the life of somebody else? That you used to have a life other than the one you have now?

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Predestination is another movie that went through all the trouble of creating multiple layers of storylines to cover the plot twist. If you are a fan of time-travel movies, solving mysteries, or simply piecing the puzzles, this movie is definitely something you should see if you haven’t yet. Fair warning, though, never miss any frames of this movie. Keep your eagle eye on because soon as you reach the movie’s reveal, you will realize how some truths are already right in front of us. We simply don’t see it right away.

More mind-boggling movie plot twists

Memento is one of those movies that one might need to re-watch to capture the entire story fully. I mean, aside from being an extremely cerebral movie, it is also told backward. In case we forget, yes, the huge plot twist came right at the beginning of the movie, a film that could make you scratch your head but is truly worth watching from start to finish.

If the movies above didn’t make your head all messed up, maybe try the movie, Orphan. This not-so-slow burn movie is one of those movies that would probably make you lose sleep. To think that the movie is based on a real-life story makes the movie all the freakier and more disturbing. Orphan 2: First Kill is expected to be released this year.  

Emilia Clarke as Kate in “Last Christmas,” directed by Paul Feig.

Last on our list is… well, Last Christmas, a supposedly happy movie given the theme—Christmas, but don’t be fooled by it. In fact, maybe you wouldn’t. Considering the title of the movie is already an omen to what could probably happen. Just imagine falling in love with someone who isn’t really there, but also there, technically. Some major Schrödinger cat, right there! Get it? Watch it!



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