In 2020, it felt like everything took a pause. When lockdowns were imposed in the entire country, a lot of businesses were gravely affected. Many workers feared losing their jobs, with some actually losing their sources of income. Indeed, the pandemic shifted our lives in ways we never knew would happen.

Fast forward to today, after numerous quarantine qualifications, we can now see an uptrend. Somehow, one could not help but think that things are getting better—maybe they are, no one really knows, but we welcome these developments, nonetheless. Inch by inch, we continue to aim for improvements and healing.

But some of us carried on in providing service. They stayed when nearly everything else left. They went out of their houses and bravely faced the fear of going head-to-head with an unseen enemy and they showed up when no one else would. Not just because they needed to, but also because of compassion and sheer need to help each other. These people, our brave workers and front liners are the ones ensuring our needs are met while the majority of us are left constrained at the confines of our homes. They are our economic drivers and our saviors.


Photo from The Asean Post

Those times when we were left with no choice but to stay at home, they stayed out to get our needs, whether it be food, supplies, or pretty much anything. Now that restrictions are slowly easing in every in the country, they show up in stores, all smiles, ready to welcome us. Offering kindness by smiling back or appreciating them would mean so much to the people who have been staying to ensure our needs are met. We owe it to them. 

Be kind to tellers, sales workers, those who deliver our food and online purchases, and those who show up when you need them. Their work is essential, then and now. They are important. They, too, get tired, scared, or worried. But their unfailing drive to serve trumps the weight of uncertainties. Like our healthcare workers, the people who knock on our doors to hand our favorite meals or purchases are real-life heroes, too. Smile and thank them; it’s the least we could do to honor their service and dedication.


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