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Airborne allergens, insect stings, or ingested food or medication triggers allergies. For airborne allergens, the common triggers are usually the concentration of pollen, dust or dander in a given space. Exposure to these allergens can trigger mild to severe sneezing, coughing, allergic asthma, and even headaches and inflamed eyes. 

Airborne allergens are common substances that circulate in the air. For some people, these allergens signal the production of antibodies that manifest through allergic reactions. This is why allergies are also sometimes referred to as malfunction of the immune system. The increased histamine from the allergens are detected and presumed to be harmful substances by the system.

Severe reactions like inflamed eyes and consistent sneezing can completely stunt your productivity for the day. So here are some ways to decrease your exposure to allergens at home.

Keep your space clean

This includes dusting your space properly and regularly. Doing a complete clean of the rooms you use often will decrease allergens significantly. To properly dust a room, it is better to wipe surfaces and items thoroughly with a lightly damp cloth or a gentle rub or dry cloth for items that are sensitive to moisture. It is important to start from the top to the bottom of your room. This ensures that dust particles from the top don’t just fall back to the bottom. Sweep the floor daily, especially if you have pets that share a space with you. 

Invest in good equipment

Investing in a good vacuum cleaner and air purifier can really help you in maintaining the allergens in your room to a minimum. Some vacuum cleaners can suck just visible particles and may just be releasing the dust particles back into the air. Make sure that you buy a vacuum and purifier that has a feature called a HEPA filter. This filter is extremely useful for trapping dust and other particles that can cause allergies.

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