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To some, wearing socks is nothing but a hassle – especially since it’s usually warm or hot where we live. It feels lighter not to wear socks, too! But making a habit out of not wearing socks makes us miss out on all the benefits that socks bring us. 

Benefit 1: Protects from Calluses and Corns

Socks create a cushion around our feet when we wear shoes or even when we walk around without shoes on. This helps prevent calluses and corns from forming. These form due to the heavy pressure and amount of friction that you subject your feet to. Usually dry skin falls off naturally but because of the intense conditions, the body adapts to that pressure and triggers the build up of dry skin that forms calluses. The cushion that socks offer feet is absorbing most of the friction and pressure that the feet are usually subjected to.

Benefit 2: Protects from Fungi Infections

Other skin conditions are caused by fungi that thrive in moist and damp environments like Athlete’s Foot. Our feet produce a lot of sweat (around 500ml daily). This sweat has bacteria and can be retained in your shoes when you sweat, creating an environment that makes the bacteria and fungi thrive. Wearing the right kind of socks give your feet the layers to absorb the sweat while still being breathable enough.

Photo by Hunter Johnson on Unsplash

Choosing the right material is very important to the effectiveness of the socks. Cotton is a common sock material and does a good job for normal days, but is not effective for intense physical activities like running, hiking, and other strenuous activities. Cotton blends, other synthetic blends or wool work better for heavy physical activities. This is because cotton can be more abrasive when wet and don’t dry as fast as the other options.

Photo by Livi Po on Unsplash

Benefit 3: Can help with insomnia or sleep issues

Contrary to popular belief, you’re less likely to overheat with socks on while you sleep versus without. In 2007, a study found that adults who slept with socks are able to sleep faster. Our body temperature rises gradually throughout the day and falls during the night, causing drowsiness once the temperature drops. Socks increase blood flow to your feet and help control and regulate our body temperature especially if you consider the temperature of your surroundings and what kind of sock you wear (if you live in warmer temperatures, go for cotton than wool!). 

So don’t miss out on these benefits and start pairing socks to your outfits!



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