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There was a time when Maginhawa Street in Quezon City was the place to be for many university students and young alumni looking for a nice and cheap but great place to eat, drink and be merry. Those were the days when food hubs were on the rise and customers flocked often to try something new. It was like weekend every single day and night.

It was a wonderful period for that stretch of road that traverses Sikatuna Village, Teachers Village and UP Village. Restaurants, eateries, beverage shops, and the like, were popping left and right, and up and down, and just everywhere in that long and winding avenue.

Then came the pandemic that closed down everything. Just like that, the hustle and bustle was gone. No more chill. Nothing left. Silence.

Slowly, however, the new normal is trying to creep back into form. It is a lot different now, but some things never really change, as they say. This is so for Urban Chick, a restaurant along Maginhawa Street in Sikatuna Village that continues to pride itself with the quality, volume, and affordability of its food.

“Urban Chick, a restaurant along Maginhawa Street in Sikatuna Village, continues to pride itself with the quality, volume, and affordability of its food.”

The sterling quality comes from the fresh, pure, and authentic ingredients that they use. The enormous volume is due to the fact that its offerings are larger than the usual cute Pinoy servings. The apparent affordability is obvious from the price range of the items on their menu, especially considering both the quality and the volume.

Seven years ago, the story of Urban Chick began when a ‘city girl’ started cooking meals based on heirloom recipes inherited from her grandparents’ favorite dishes. Of course, the name was also used to refer to its all-time house specialty chicken meals that are exceptionally delicious.

The tagline they used was, “where friends and foes meet and greet and eat all under one roof.”

At that time, the tagline they used was, “where friends and foes meet and greet and eat all under one roof,” as students believing in different ideologies frequent their place, as well as the police who are based in the nearby camp, and many others who have either heard about this tiny chicken wonderland or are just looking for hidden treasures. Different beliefs and ideals, different roles to play in society, different reasons for going to the area, but the same love for good food that is not only filling but also heartwarming, in the same cozy place that makes one feel right at home.  

Today, due to numerous health protocols in place, the dine-in option is still allowed but already limited. No problem though as their specialties can be ordered and delivered via Grab Food, Lala Food and Food Panda. They can also arrange direct delivery within the immediate community of Sikatuna Village, Teachers Village, UP Village and Krus na Ligas. They can be contacted via their Facebook Page (Urban Chick) or their landline (+63 2 77297342) or their mobile numbers (+63 9164119532 and +63 917 7307803). They likewise sell their products on the Facebook pages of Maginhawa Business Community and Bounce Back PH.

Check out their Alphan Meal, a combination of their mouth-watering Liempo and house special Chicken Bbq with Cheese Croquettes, Rice, Pancake, Iced Tea. All for only PhP 170.

Alphan Meal

Check out their Tom Jones, a combination of their tasty Fat Tortilla, crispy Fried Chicken, and extra special Pasta. All for PhP 195.

Tom Jones

Check out their Ekita Kita, a combination of their terrific Nachirrific Beef, tasty Fat Tortillas, crispy Fried Chicken and their homey version of the classic Mac n Cheese. All for only PhP 225.

Ekita Kita

Lastly, to commemorate the pandemic with a positive vibe, try out their ECQ (Enhanced Chicken Quality) meal. It is Fried Chicken (Pinoy Style without breading) marinated in a delectable concoction of herbs, spices, calamancito and secrets. This is especially dedicated to those who are fond of crispy, juicy, and golden fried chicken dipped in banana ketchup mixed with soy sauce.

Hungry now? Go contact them for orders and deliveries or visit them at 195 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.

The truth is that there is really no need to bring back the good, old days, especially at this time of a health crisis. Parties can surely wait. However, we can already look forward to the future with hope and faith and still taste our Urban Chick favorites at the comfort of our homes. Right now. 


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